Tracking and reporting commingled pool fund activity doesn't need to be difficult or time consuming; ADAVICO's integrated software is designed exclusively for this purpose. And our web-based implementation offers several security, scalability, and savings advantages.

Accurate and Compliant

Unlike spreadsheets, ADAVICO utilizes proper database design to help ensure accuracy. And our software is fully compliant with UPMIFA and FASB standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can confidently rely on our results.


We understand that no two organizations' needs are exactly the same. That's why our solutions can be modified when necessary to ensure the best fit for you. Our non-proprietary approach is designed to maximize your ability to utilize, store, and export data.


Our software is designed, built, and continually enhanced to help clients better administer their endowment funds. This enables us to help streamline your daily operations and facilitate annual audit requirements so that you can redirect resources and maximize productivity.

Confidential and Secure

We respect the importance and sensitivity of your organization's data. From electronic to physical information handling, you can rest easy knowing we take the necessary steps to ensure the integrity of your data is maintained.


Our leadership team consists of individuals who understand your needs and who are well-equipped to help your organization find a better path to administer pooled funds. Contact us today for more informtion.