Donor Gift Compliance

ADAVICO monitors gift instrument guidelines, preferences, and restrictions so that your organization can better fulfill donor intent and stay compliant with UPMIFA standards. Make prudent investment management and expenditure decisions about each donor-restricted fund by organizing, searching, and reporting on gift instrument stipulations including:

  • Time periods
  • Administration fees
  • Availability of earnings
  • Spending rates and policy
  • Purpose and use restrictions
  • Income allocation to principal

Our software helps ensure that awards and recipients are properly matched with fund criteria facilitating budgeting, financial aid, and recruitment efforts. Donor reports are also available to maintain and develop these key relationships. Features include:

Searchable Scholarship Database - centralized, searchable database of all scholarship and award opportunities.

Scholarship Qualification Groups - define up to three unique qualification groups on a per-scholarship basis that can be used to qualify or auto-match students.

Awards Reporting - consolidated database of all scholarship awards.

System Configuration - add, modify, or remove data fields as needed.

Data Storage - retain system data including gift instruments, recipients, and awards indefinitely with real-time access to all archived data.