Security Policy

ADAVICO, Inc. takes data protection seriously - our business and credibility depend on it. That's why we put extra effort into security measures and take numerous steps to protect your data against loss and unintended disclosure. Our technology choices, programming decisions, and development standards all work to keep your information private, safe, and secure. We invest in the best technology and infrastructure to safeguard your data and confidential information, and have established the following policy in regards to hardware, software, networking, and general business practices.

Hardware Security

All hardware and mobile devices are encrypted and password-protected. Desktop computers are physically locked and powered by Uninterruptable Power Supplies. Servers are secured in a locked area, accessible only by authorized personnel; learn more about server security here.

Software Security

Software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches and runs on a dedicated network locked down with firewalls. All software systems utilize best practices, including version controls, daily backups, and weekly offsite storage. User passwords are checked for strength and encrypted during transmission and while in storage.

File Exchange Security

A password-protected online portal is utilized to securely send, receive, and store files. All files are 256-bit SSL encrypted during transmission. The portal is located on servers in a separate facility from the database servers. Learn more about the Client Portal here.

Document Security

All physical client information is maintained in secure areas, carefully controlled, and immediately shredded when no longer needed.


We respect the confidentiality and privacy of your data, therefore we will: